StreamSec Tools

StreamSec Tools is a collection of security related components and routines for Delphi
SSL/TLS for your Delphi Application

With StreamSec Tools you can add plattform independent support for the SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.0 / TLS 1.1 protocols to your Delphi application. StreamSec Tools has been integrated into well-known third party packages for Delphi, such as Component4Developers kbmMW 1.0 and RealThinClient SDK. With StreamSec Tools 2.2 we support SSL/TLS for Synapse, Indy9/Indy10, IntraWeb 5.1.24 and RemObjects SDK.

Encryption Components

StreamSec Tools includes components for industry standard algorithms such as AES, 3DES, ARC4 etc. We don't take your security lightly. Besides the encryption algorithms themselves the components have plug-and-play support for both industry standard Key Derivation (PKCS#5) and industry standard Integrity verification and Authentication (HMAC).

Public Key Cryptography

No security library is complete without support for Public Key Cryptography. StreamSec Tools supports standard algorithms such as RSA, DSA, ECDSA and Diffie-Hellman. All is based on our own high performance big num library MPArith which is included in StreamSec Tools.

Digital Certificates

StreamSec Tools will give you complete support for X.509 certificates. These certificates can be used for e.g. Server Authentication and Client Authentication within SSL / TLS, or Win32 Code Signing using our own implementation of MS Authenticode (tm) all in Delphi code.

StreamSec Tools is fully maintained

StreamSec Tools is maintained and used by some of the best and most dedicated Delphi programmers you are likely to come across.


We adhere to current established standards. The StreamSec Tools implementations of hashes and ciphers complies with the official test vectors. Test projects have been added to the packages. Click here to learn more.


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