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Single developer license, including historical versions of StreamSec Tools 4.0 and one year free upgrades to StreamSec Tools 4.0 or later

Contact sales if you have any questions. Please note that all orders are processed manually.

New License, full source
€599 per single developer license. Priced per developer. One year updates, automatic renewal optional

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How many licenses do I need?
Our pricing is based on the premise that our customers purchase one license for each person who will cause a copy of our files to be produced, e.g.
  • by performing an action that causes StreamSec code to be linked into an executable (e.g. by compiling or running a project that uses StreamSec code), or
  • by opening our source code using a tool suitable for display of text or byte code in human readable form, while leaving your original copy of the files accessible to other persons.
However, you do not need additional licenses if you transfer a license to a new person and ensure that the person originally assigned to the license, will no longer be able to access the file in any of the above ways.

You also do not additional licenses for build machines, provided that the builds will only be administrated or triggered by persons who have already been assigned licenses.

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